Back in 2012 a group of researchers began talking about some of the major obstacles that needed to be overcome in the field of flood modelling, and set about trying to solve them. They also discussed the best ways to make these cutting edge methods more widely available.

By 2013 this conversation had lead to the formation of SSBN. Since then, the company has grown and now works with (re)insurers, international development agencies, conservation agencies, emergency responders and multinational corporations.

We aim to be a research lead company, providing transparent and world leading methods wherever they are required.


The Founders


Professor Paul Bates, Chairman and co-founder- SSBN Chairman and co-founder, -Paul is a world leading authority on flood risk and a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. His research career has focused on the development and application of computational flood models, the importance of which led to the award of the prestigious Lloyds Science of Risk Prize in 2012.  To date he has over 170 journal publications and has obtained over £32 million worth of national and international research grants. He holds a Chair in Hydrology and is the Head of School in Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol.










Dr Christopher Sampson, CTO- Chris studied an MSci in Physical Geography at the University of Bristol, graduating with First Class Honours, before progressing to a PhD under Professor Paul Bates. His PhD focused on the development of catastrophe models for flood risk for the (re)insurance market. It was through this work that the need for better flood risk analytics was identified, leading to the formation of SSBN. 

Contact: c.sampson@ssbn.co.uk 






Dr Andrew Smith, COO- Andrew completed a PhD under Professor Paul Bates and it was whilst undertaking his PhD that the idea of founding a company first emerged. This quickly led to a change in his research focus, from climate change impact studies, to the development of large scale flood models. Since completing his PhD in 2014, Andrew undertook a post-doctoral research position  before becoming COO at SSBN full-time in 2016.  


Contact: a.smith@ssbn.co.uk 





Dr Jeffery Neal, co-founder- Jeff is a research fellow whose work focuses on the development of hydraulic models from whole city to global scales.  He also undertakes research to support flood risk management, including work on modelling flood hazard in urban areas and methods to increase the computational efficiency of hydraulic models.